What is “NFT Sergim” ?

NFT Sergim, seeks to educate new generations to new technologies while also raising awareness by transforming the 40 photographs chosen in the competition into an online identity. Each of the 40 photos chosen is transformed into a non-tradable token known as NFT. NFT is a digital certificate that is connected to unique digital assets stored on the blockchain, enabling for the registration and maintenance of digital works in the online world. Our goal as the Turkish Cerebrovascular Diseases Association is to be the pioneer and create awareness about stroke.

Turkish Cerebrovascular Diseases Association

Our Team

Ayşe Sönmez

Competition Coordinator

Çiğdem Akbaş Ilgaz

Theme Coordinator

S. Serhat Serter

Art Director

Atlas Timur


Can Testere

NFT Mentor

Elif İpek Oğuzhan

Dijital Artist