1.1. To ensure that our students and young people develop artistically, enrich their imaginations, strengthen their thinking abilities, increase their commitment to life, and gain technical knowledge and skills to express what they think formally,

1.2. To prepare a suitable environment where our children and young people can reveal their artistic potential,

1.3. Encouraging high school students to paint, supporting their personal and social development,

1.4. To be instrumental in revealing the talents of young painter candidates by arousing interest in art by bringing cultural and artistic awareness to high school students at the education age,

1.5. The World Stroke Organization reports that 17 million people have a stroke each year. With this activity, it is aimed to raise awareness of stroke.

My NFT Exhibition is a Painting Contest on "STROKE". All students studying at high schools and equivalent schools across the country, whether public or private, can participate in the painting competition.

1- Participation in the competition is free of charge.

2- Participation in the competition is on a voluntary basis.

3- The work that contributed to the competition is something that will be accepted.

4- Each competitor can participate in the competition with 3 pictures.

5- Pictures should be drawn on 35x50cm painting paper or canvas.

6- Participants are free to use all kinds of materials and materials suitable for their own programs.

7- Paintings participating in the competition must be a work that has not participated in any competition before and should not have been/exhibited anywhere.

8- Competitors must send it without a passepartout, without adding it, properly.

9- Submissions delivered without complying with the competition or by mail will not be evaluated.

10- Information will not be written on the front side of the work to be sent to the competition, and there will be a place for the label to be filled in from the link in the bottom left products of the work. Unlabeled will not be accepted.

11- "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PARTICIPATION FORM." without filling it, he has to paste the pdf file and send TBDHD. (Name-surname, date of birth, school, school schools must be written as names.)

Turkish Cerebrovascular Diseases Association Address: Hacıalibey Mah. Çelikel Sokak Sakarya İş Hanı No:1/38 Tepebaşı-Eskişehir

Phone: 0530 084 85 60

E-mail: bdhd@bdhd.org.tr

12- Pictures to participate in the competition; Together with the “Competitor Participation Form” to be filled out from the link in article 11, by hand or by mail/cargo, Hacıalibey Mah. Çelikel Sokak Sakarya İş Hanı No:138 Tepebaşı-Eskişehir will/will be.

13- Those who will participate in the competition must be packaged/wrapped and delivered to TBDHD until the end of working hours on April 22, 2022. Postal delays will not be taken into account.

14- “Painting competition” should not be held in presentations with cargo.

15- The type of request and selection to be directed to the competition, and the work that will be mentioned in the TBDHD-evaluated evaluation process within one month from the conclusion of the competition, are evaluated. needs to be specified. Other choices will not be taken into account.

16- Points produced by the jury cannot be scored and points cannot be changed.

17- Dairy Participation Certificate will be given to the participants.

18- - Although due care will be taken during the exhibition and transportation of the works, TBDHD is in no way responsible for any damage to the works. Those who wish can have their works insured by a private insurance company based on the value of their works.

19- Pictures participating in the competition; It is deemed to have accepted its transfer to the internet environment and its preservation in the blockchain, its conversion into an immutable token.

1- Participants are deemed to have accepted and committed to all provisions of the Contest Specifications and Application Forms. TBDHD officials reserve the right to make any changes regarding the participation and evaluation process.

2- The discretion in the resolution of matters and disputes outside the scope of the specification is made after the permission and approval of the Ministry of National Education.

3- The participant accepts, declares and undertakes that the work sent to the competition is entirely his own. All kinds of legal responsibilities that may arise from the quotation and / or theft of the works belong to the owner of the work.

4- The competition has no commercial purpose in any way and no participation fee or payment under any title will be requested from the competitors. Transportation and accommodation expenses of the participants belong to them.

5- 5- If the disabled contestants who apply during the participation stage of the competition declare their status in the application form, possible assistance opportunities will be offered during the registration or award ceremony process. The award ceremony program will be held, taking into account the disability status of our award-winning disabled contestants (Transportation, arrangement of the ceremony area).

6- TBDHD, posters, catalogues, brochures, booklets, etc., of all awarded or not awarded works. will have the right to print and broadcast, provided that permission is obtained from the owners of the work. It will not be published, published or shared without permission. The owners of the paintings that did not qualify will be able to get their paintings back from TBDHD by hand at the end of the exhibition period (within one month).

7- If it is understood that the award-winning participants acted outside of the declarations and acceptances, the awards, titles and all kinds of gains they obtained will be taken back.

8- The works that will enter the competition must not have been published before, or sent to another competition or to any publishing group.

9- Works that are determined to be citations or copies, sent to another competition or to any publishing group will be canceled even if they have won an award, and the owner of the work will not be able to claim any rights.

1- The deadline for TBDHD Painting Contest with the theme of "stroke" is Friday, May 9, 2022.

2- Works received after the specified date will not be evaluated.

3- The results of the competition will be announced on the website www.nftsergim.com on Friday, 10 May 2022 at 17.00.

1- The works that will participate in the competition will be evaluated by the Selection Committee in line with the criteria in Table-2.

2- Works received after the specified date will not be evaluated.

3- The results of the competition will be announced on the website www.nftsergim.com on Friday, May 10, 2022, at 17.00.

Table -2 Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria for Pictures - Score Rating Minimum 10 Maximum 20

1- Suitability for purpose, being able to express related values with pictures

2- The suitability of the drawing technique used in the paintings

3- Creativity in pictures

4- Visuality of the pictures

5- Frame arrangement of pictures and cleaning of paper

The results of the competition will be announced on Friday, May 10, 2022 at www.nftsergim.com.


The original (original) of the work in 35x50 format sent by the participant